Marennes d’Oléron Oysters

We offer different varieties of oysters. Our Fines de Claire – Marennes Oléron oysters directly come from our oyster aquaculturists on the Atlantic coast.  Our famous Marennes Oléron oysters are honored Label Rouge* for two categories:

The “Fine de Claire“, less fleshy and more delicate, For several weeks, the oyster will be refined in the clear, shallow clay basins, which will allow it to acquire a shell quality superior to an open sea oyster

The “Pousse en Claire”  is a fine, high-end Marennes Oléron oyster. The “Pousse en Claire” is produced by a few experienced professionals. Raised at very low density, at most 5 per m² in the clear where it stays for four to eight months, it grows by forming on its shell characteristic laces called growth lines.

From May to August, oysters can have different taste and texture because they are spawning. The non-triploid oysters are natural and breed in summer. They are good to eat at anytime!


Bouzigues Oysters

Mediterranean shellfish farming was born in Sète in 1875. The absence of tides in the Mediterranean has imposed specific techniques: suspension breeding achieved through “tables” made of rails supporting sleepers and crossed poles.

Today 15% of French oyster production comes from Thau lagoon. This variety is called “Bouzigues”, one of the smallest and most charming villages in the Thau basin. Oysters are grown and eaten everywhere in the towns and oyster-farming villages around the pond, like Meze and Marseillan.

Vendée Oysters

We work with Emmanuel and Dany Bourgogne from Océan et Fraicheur, established in Bouin (Vendée). The French producers are maturing an exceptional oyster called “Claire de Jade” in freshwater. It won the Gold Medal at the General Agricultural Contest of Paris in 2018.

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